The Many Markings Of Cowhide

The Many Markings Of Cowhide

Rugs are often considered accessories or extras in room design, but they really help define space. Cowhide rugs are especially good for this because the hide shape draws the eye. When you think of cowhide rugs, you probably imagine the classic black and white Holstein pattern or brown and white Guernsey paired with rustic decor. Cowhides can be much more versatile than that. They come in a wide array of natural colors and are even dyed in safari and fantasy colors like pink zebra.

The bold shape of cowhide rugs makes them unique accessories to just about any room. White or neutral tone rugs go well with a wide range of room styles. Choose hides that contrast or complement the colors in the room. Elegant whites or creams of antique dining furniture go well with a similar shade hide rug. Brightly colored hide rugs coordinate with bold floral prints in botanical themed rooms. Zebra stripes add a bold statement to warm, homey furnishings. They also provide a strong pattern for rooms that are mainly black and white. Giraffe print is a bright, fun choice for warm or neutral decor that needs some excitement.

Even the more familiar Holstein and Guernsey patterns work well outside of the bunkhouse theme. Guernsey browns, add warmth to dark or gray flooring. Holstein black contrasts well with warm colors and rich woods. Use them for tone on tone contrast as well. They belong anywhere a bold pattern and chunky shapes are welcome. They are equally comfortable in the relaxing master bedroom or the playroom.

Solid rugs come in natural colors ranging from black through shades of brown and cream to white. They are also available in a number of dyed colors and even acid wash. Solid rugs can anchor furnishings that are already vivid with daring patterns.

If the natural cowhide rug shape doesn’t suit your space, the rug manufacturers already have a solution. Cowhide rugs come in a variety of patchwork styles and more traditional rug shapes. Cowhide runners fit your long hallway. Square or rectangular cowhide rugs are better suited to very formal rooms or rooms that are laid out much larger than a normal cowhide. Smaller pieced rugs are great for rooms that are too small to fit a cowhide rug. The piecework creates another dimension of texture and style.

What’s better than one cowhide rug? Try two or more for that layered rug look. Pair contrasting colors or solids with patterns that really make them pop. Offset layers can even extend the living space.

A cowhide rug can be practical, too. They are more durable than many other rug materials. They stand up well to surface cleaning with a wet dishcloth. If they are only subjected to normal wear and tear, all you really need to do is shake out the dust and fluff them. Cowhide rugs are naturally hypo-allergenic, so there is no need to worry about dander. It’s the best choice for a rug used around children and pets.

Cowhide is the practical, trendy area rug for today’s wood or stone floors
. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns. If natural cowhide rugs don’t have enough splash, try something dyed or in a print. Pieced or layered cowhide rugs fit different spaces and extend the available choices of color and texture. Cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic, rugged and easy to clean by nature, so they can take whatever traffic you want to throw at them.